When it comes to the Arts, Cochrane is an amazingly rich community full of talented professional and emerging artists. What we do as a society is create a central hub where we can learn about the arts in Cochrane, build a strong arts community, and get the word out there!

What is the purpose of Cochrane Integrated Arts Society?
  • To provide a central platform where anyone can come to find out what is happening with the Arts in Cochrane
  • To bring more of the Arts to the awareness of Cochrane itself, as well as to the attention of the world around us
  • To build a world-class arts community.


What will you find here at Cochrane Integrated Arts?
  • Directory of local artists, art groups, art organizations and businesses.
  • Updated News and Information via the blog.
  • Upcoming Events, Workshops and Art Openings.
  • Information and links to the Artist Collective Gallery.


What can you do to help?

If you would like to see the arts promoted here in Cochrane, and see a strong and positive arts community built, then here are some things that you can do:

  • CONNECT.....
    Tell us what you see as opportunities and possibilities for the arts here in Cochrane. Tell us what you need or want from an arts community, and what you would like to give to the community that would make it a joy and delight for you.
  • BECOME.....
    Whether you are involved in the arts or just want to be a supporter and encourager, start by becoming a Member. That will put you on our mailing list and you will get e-mails with the latest updates and information. For those of you who are involved in the arts, that also gives you one free basic listing in the Directory plus an opportunity to join the Artists Collective Gallery.
  • SHARE.....
    If you know of any artists, artisans or craftspeople, any arts groups or organizations or any arts businesses, let them know about this website and encourage them to get involved.


Jane Kaczmer


Anita MacDonald

Vice President

Julia Trites

Director at Large

ACG – Gallery Director

Lara Kruger