Loving the Arts!

Whether you want to try watercolour painting, are a new or experienced writer, have acting aspirations, or have a good camera but never took a lesson (or it was so long ago….), we have the courses for you!

Online Courses

How do colours evoke different emotional reactions? How can you use them to create depth in art? Find out in Colour and Design.

Are you scared to select M (manual) on your camera? Learn how to manipulate aperature, shutter speed, and ISO to get the perfect picture with Beginner Photography – Do Not Fear the M!

You want to be an actor. Now what? Learn the steps to break into the acting world from a professional actor in Breaking Into Acting.

Our First In-Person Course!

Discover the history and cultural significance of traditions in printmaking while you create your own design and learn cutting and printing techniques to produce striking prints in Lino Printmaking Tools and Techniques.

CIAS is constantly adding new courses so check back regularly or better yet, be the first to discover new arts courses by adding yourself to our Stay Up to Date newsletter over on the sidebar!

CourseAge (yrs)DayDatesTime
Break Into Acting15-17 yrs, Adult 18+ThursdayJuly 15-August 57-8pm
Colour and DesignAdult 18+WednesdayAugust 11-Sept 157-8pm
Beginner PhotographyAdult 18+MondayAugust 9-307-8pm
Watercolour Flower PaintingAdult 18+WednesdaySept 22-Oct 277-8pm
Lino Printmaking Tools & TechniquesAdult 18+ThursdayOctober 7, 14, 217-8:30pm

CIAS adult art courses are affordable classes scheduled one day each week for 3, 4, 6 or 8 weeks. Professional artists who are experienced instructors make the classes fun, dynamic and educational.