Pin made by Elder Pauline Twoyoungmen

We loved running arts courses online during the pandemic and in person shortly afterward, but now that life has returned to normal, we are not providing them. Your search engine may have found this webpage via keywords.

We encourage you to search out other local groups and businesses who offer such courses.

Stoney Nakoda Beading Workshop

Stoney Nakoda Nation Elder Pauline Twoyoungmen and beading artists led an afternoon workshop November 20, 2022 to learn to bead a pin to wear on one’s shirt or coat.

Participants learned in small groups, each led by a beading artist, as an opportunity to get to know each other and build relationships with our First Nations neighbours.


The diamond is a common Nakoda design.

The subject of the pin was an Indigenous symbol to represent one’s support of the planned Indigenous Centre in Cochrane.

Following the workshop, all had a social time with Elder J. R. Twoyoungmen. J.R. is a retired school teacher and had a vital role in the Stoney Cultural Education Program from 1971-1975. He loves to continue teaching contemporary history and kindly answers our questions.


Items made by Elder Pauline Twoyoungmen

Sunday, November 20, 2022
1:00pm – 4:30pm
Venue: Seniors on the Bow
(2nd floor Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre)
Adult 18+ and Youth 14-17 yrs
Fee: Seniors on the Bow Members – $15
Non-Seniors on the Bow Members – $30


Materials: The cost of materials for the course was included in the registration fee.

We are grateful to Seniors on the Bow Society for their support of this relationship-building event!