Are you struggling with why a photo you took just isn’t “popping”?
Did you see something and then tried to catch it with your camera and it just didn’t “get there”?
Are your selfies lifeless?
Are you bored with just taking photos of the family and want ideas to ignite the imagination and tap into the amazing power of your camera?
Then this beginner photography composition course is for you!

Over the course of four weeks we will explore how to “see” with your camera. We will explore how to improve on the subject matter you are trying to capture. You will be introduced to new things to explore with your camera that you might not have known were possible.

No experience is necessary – just your camera. We will learn some principles and then bend rules while
we explore the Matrix! No martial art knowledge required.

In-Person – Beginner
Dates: Mondays, March 7 – 28
Location: Seniors on the Bow**   (2nd Floor, Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre)
Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm
Number of Classes: 4
Adult 18+  Number of participants limited to ensure social distancing.
Fee   $96.00

**Enter Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre (SLSFSC) at the west (Arena) door, then take the elevator or stairs to the 2nd floor. Follow hallway west, then south to the end.

Week 1 – Review of camera basics – Focus, F stop, Shutter speed, ISO. Techniques for taking a better photo.

Week 2 – Introduction to key composition concepts. Rule of thirds and what to avoid when framing your shot. Distortion and lenses. How do they help you tell your story?

Week 3 – Light and shadows. A deeper dive into light and the impact it has on telling your story. Shutter speeds, depth of field and using them to change up your photos.

Week 4  – Big versus small. Wide angle to Macro. Seeing the big picture and the small things. Bending the Matrix. Explore what you might do with your gear. Review of course. Where do you go from here?

Materials Required for All Classes

Digital camera body and a lens with Manual option. Tripod. Basic editing software.

Instructor David MacKenzie

David inspires his students with his passion for storytelling through photography.

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