We loved running arts courses online during the pandemic and in person shortly afterward, but now that life has returned to normal, we are not providing them. Your search engine may have found this webpage via keywords.

We encourage you to search out other local groups and businesses who offer such courses.

Learn watercolour painting through a step by step process from a supplied reference photo of a flower. Explore different techniques from layering, wet–on-wet to dry brush. Learn the watercolour process! No experience required.

Online – Beginner
Tuesdays, Sep 21 – Oct 26  7:00pm – 8:00pm, 2022
Number of Classes: 6
Adult 18+

Fee   $96.00  Adult registration is for one adult on one computer/device.

Week 1: Introduction/Demo of Watercolour and Flower Painting
Week 2: Step 1 – Lightly drawing the flower onto paper with pencil
Week 3: Step 2 – Light watercolour washes
Week 4: Step 3 – Medium Tone Washes
Week 5: Step 4 – Darker Watercolour washes
Week 6: Step 5 – Final Touches

Materials Required

Watercolour paper
HB pencil
watercolour paints
round, pointed brushes (If purchasing your first watercolour brushes, three round brushes: small (~size 3), medium (5-6), and large (12) are good to start.)
*Photo of flower will be supplied

Materials are available at various local stores

Instructor Scot Paisley

Scot is a dynamic teacher who likes to adapt his classes to the participants’ ability and interest.

Online classes will be delivered via Zoom Meetings. The meeting link and password will be emailed the morning of the first class.

Please download the Zoom Application from https://zoom.us/

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