Forming 3D clay sculptures, relief sculptures, and Intaglio (sunken sculptures) while learning about the artists who made these techniques famous is a perfect introduction for students wanting to learn something unique. One project for each class will be completed together. No experience required.

Online – Beginner
Thursdays, May 6-27  4:00pm – 5:00pm
Number of Classes: 4
Children 6-8 yrs

Fee   $66.00
Youth participation is for the registered user. Age-appropriate siblings may watch in the background. Instructor’s interaction will be focused on the registered user.

Week 1 – Clay Land
Week 2 – Relief/Intaglio sculpture
Week 3 – Clay Sculptures and Famous Artists
Week 4 – Clay Boats that Float

Materials Required For All Classes

Model Magic Clay or plasticine
Sketchbook or paper, pencil, eraser and markers
Sculpting tools or popsicle sticks, stir sticks, plastic knives, etc.
Cardstock or cardboard squares approximately 8”x 8” – 2 per class

Tip: Remember to cover the table with plastic or newspaper.

Instructor Jola Muran

Jola’s fun, enthusiastic approach with youth and adults encourages all to be creative risk takers!

Online classes will be delivered via Zoom Meetings. The meeting link and password will be emailed to you the morning of the first class.

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