CIAS Membership

Artist Collective Membership


All Members’ Benefits

  • Directory listing on website
  • Access to post events on CIAS calendar
  • Promotional items displayed at Gallery and events (business cards, brochures)
  • Belonging to a network of local artists


  • Unlimited opportunities to submit work for jury, display and sale in our new Collective Gallery
  • Collaborate with other artists in a supportive and multi-disciplined community
  • Complimentary sales training
  • Earning and sharing of volunteer hours and many volunteer opportunities
  • Exchange and sharing of knowledge and skills with other artists
  • Opportunity to serve as a member Juror on the Collective Jury
  • Opportunities to build and participate in artistic programming for our community
  • Collective members who join by May 1st, 2020 to be recognized as ‘Founding Members’

** Prior to purchasing this membership, please be sure you understand and MEET ALL THE REQUIREMENTS  within this collective role. 

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