Time to Vote!

It is time to pick our name for the Artist Collective Gallery. We have narrowed it down to FOUR potential names and we need your vote!
Please select your choice and please add any comments you might have.

All names accompanied by subname of ‘Artist Collective or Artist Collective Gallery’

Route 22

  • Cochrane's "Cowboy Trail" is the 22 highway and it connects the warm Western hospitality of Cochrane and the rural surrounding areas. Cochrane and area is rich in history, pride, hard work and home to many artisans. Shows growth / direction from founding "roots / routes," ties historically and has a nostalgic, yet modern simplicity to it.


  • The sublime simplicity of this word evokes the beauty of all art… there is form and it supersedes function. Simple but elegant.
    /fôrm/ noun: form; plural noun: forms


  • A play on 'Perfect Vision - 20 /20’, gallery displays visual arts; the year we founded. Simple, symbolic but with a deeper meaning, cutting edge, modern and fresh. 


  • This is inclusive of all art forms, it’s clear and concise, it feels fresh.

    /dəˈpikt/ verb

    1. show or represent by a drawing, painting, or other art form.