Cochrane Integrated Arts Society

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Varied arts activities in Cochrane

 CIAS links Cochrane’s artists to the community to showcase and share their exceptional talents.
From online visual arts, writing and photography courses to outdoor festivals, CIAS generates opportunities for learning, creating and entertaining.


Meet new friends in a fun, creative online course!

Enroll your kids! Enroll yourself!


CIAS has partnered with Cochrane FCSS to make courses accessible through the Access Card program.

Find instructors, businesses, and community groups to expand opportunities.


Cochrane Culture Days are coming!
September 11-12, 2021
Watch for Updates!

We are planning our 2nd annual great weekend of socially distanced activities - music, dance, visual art, and fun for all.


Future arts spaces for Cochrane are the vision. We're tackling the challenge!

In the Spotlight

This week the Spotlight is on David MacKenzie! David is a passionate professional photographer who excels at visual storytelling and exploring the media. He is teaching Beginner Photography: Do Not Fear the M - (already in progress) - where you will unlock the power of the Manual mode of your camera and take control of the amazing tool in your hand!. This course is followed by Beginner Composition: Seeing the Big Picture - an introduction to new things to explore with your camera that you might not have known were possible. Read more about David and then register in his cool courses! If you didn't get in on Beginner Photography, don't despair. He will repeat the course.