Your youngsters love to draw?
Inspire them with Bam! Pow! Bazinga! How to Draw Comics

Art is Unlimited Imagination!

CIAS youth art courses are affordable one-hour classes scheduled one day each week for 6 wks. Professional artists who are experienced instructors make the classes fun and dynamic. From sketching and painting comics, Manga and fantasy characters there is so much here to learn, play and build skills.

Older youth will enjoy joining with adults to start drawing birds, lions, tigers and more!

CIAS is constantly adding new courses –  add your name to Stay Up to Date over on the sidebar to be the first to know!

CourseAge (yrs)DayDatesTime
Bam! Pow! Bazinga! How to Draw Comics7-12WednesdayMay 19-June235-6pm
Manga Style Character and Setting Design Sculptures9-14TuesdayJune 29-Aug 35-6pm
Animal Drawing - Youth15-17WednesdayJune 30-Aug 45-6pm
Fantasy Character & Poster Design9-14TuesdayAug 10-Sept 145-6pm