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Youth and Adult arts courses of all kinds connect our community with local arts professionals who share the joy of venturing into new skills.

We are growing and expanding our program!


We are starting in-person classes in January in the auditorium at Seniors at the Bow (2nd floor Spray Lake Sawmills Family Sports Centre) Monday and Wednesday evenings .The courses scheduled January to March can pivot to online format if COVID suspends in-person gatherings.

If you know an artist who would inspire students to explore their talents, let us know!


Meet the Community

CIAS is delighted to partner with Cochrane FCSS to make courses accessible through their Access Card program! We are removing barriers so that people from many backgrounds can meet online and enrich each other’s experience. Perfect!

Spread the Word

We are building an information HUB for people to find local arts organizations and businesses, as well as other courses and fun activity kits. Do you know of a site that sells cool craft kits or hard to find supplies? Tell us and help spread the word!