This course had been postponed until COVID-19  restrictions are lifted and we can safely deliver in-person.

Discover the history and cultural significance of Western and Far Eastern traditions in printmaking while you learn the process!
Create your own design and learn cutting and printing techniques to produce striking prints. Learn about print registration and how it applies to multi-colour printing and delve into the techniques as they apply to Wood block printing and the use of water colour in multi-colour prints. Starter Kits available at cost.

Come out for fun-filled evenings. Socialize and make new friends, have some laughs and enjoy the provided refreshments as you learn this new skill.

In Person – Beginner
Thursdays, October 7, 14, 21  7:00pm – 8:30pm
Location: Cochrane Ranche Clubhouse
Number of Classes: 3
Adult 18+

Fee   $60.00

Week 1: Introduction to tools and materials. Draw and transfer design. Start to carve.
Week 2: Finish carving design and do initial print.
Week 3: Final printing of designs. Introduction to woodblock prints.


Starter Kit   $33.00
When you purchase the materials for this class you have the tools you will need for your future projects.

3 fixed-handle carving knives, whetstone, Brayer ink roller, plastic stamp, baren, rice paper, Speedy-Cut block, rubber stamp carving blocks, etc.


If you prefer to supply your own materials, be sure to have EVERYTHING you need – tools, blocks, Brayer, suitable printing paper, etc.

Instructor Tony Bennett

Anthony is a teacher with a wide range of knowledge who loves to help expand his students’ knowledge and interests.

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