I Want To Be An Actor – Now What?

Whether you are a high school drama student, community theatre actor or have no experience at all, getting onto the big screen is the dream. Landing a background, bit part or principal role, the film set experience – the cast and crew in action – all the components of a single scene – the attention to detail – is fascinating! But how do you get there? How do you start?

Register by July 14 in our online course, Break Into Acting – Youth and Break Into Acting – Adults to find out! Garry MacLean, principal role actor and award-winning producer, will take you through the steps including how to write a resume when you have nothing to show, and help you practice auditioning.
Make that dream a reality!

CIAS has such a variety of online courses coming up! 
Colour and Design for intermediate and advanced artists
Watercolour Flower Painting for beginners
Beginner Photography – Do Not Fear the M for those stuck on autofocus, and,
Fantasy Character & Poster Design for youth to design their own sorcerers and dragons!


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